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We can organize your event entirely starting from buying the suitable props and decorations, to constructing your booth, to providing ushers that service the goal of your presence in an event.


Fully prepare and Organize offline events.

  • Strategy

    Physical Presence, Planning, Events

  • Design

    Minimal, Effective

  • Client



Plan, Organize, Execute

Planning and organizing an event can be overwhelming to do alone. For that, Condize handles all the operations for you to ensure quality preparations for your offline presence.

Booth Construction

Physical, Minimal, Portable, Functional

A physical premise that reflects your brand values and vision is essential to any physical event. We rely on robust and premium materials that withstand the test of time.

We craft your event’s success.

Designing a booth would need to take functionality into account to fulfill the purpose of your particular event. And we do just that. After which we pick the suitable material of choice, and make the necessary add-ons. 

Let’s collaborate

Send us an email, to organize your next event.

Given our team of creatives who are excited about unique ideas, we help you get the most out of business with our expertise.